The Summer Time Nail Art Trends You Can’t Miss

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the summer nail art trends have to end. This summer has shown us some fantastic nail art, and the fun doesn’t have to stop now. We can still keep the summer vibe alive with fun, vibrant colors, and cool nail art. In this blog post, we’ll talk about all the awesome summertime nail art trends that you don’t want to miss.

Multicolored Nails

Multicolored nails have seemed to be all the rage this summer. The best thing about the multicolored nails is that they are, probably out of all the nail art trends we’ll share in this blog post, the easiest to accomplish. You don’t have to head to a nail salon and spend hard-earned money on getting a fancy nail art design; you can head to your local dollar store and grab a few different nail polish colors, paint each nail a different color and then ta-da! You have some pretty awesome nail art on your fingers!

multicolor nails

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Classy White

I know it may seem a little boring, but I promise you’ll be able to rock this stylish and classy look. White nails are not only chic but they’re also clean and sophisticated. They aren’t messy and don’t have all the hassle with trying to figure out designs. It’s simple, elegant, and classic. Trust me when I say that, styling beautiful white nails, you’ll have people asking how you got that fantastic look.

white nails

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Palm Tree

I bet you already know what I’m talking about when I say the palm tree nail art. After all, this trend has been going strong for a while now, and just about everyone has seen it at least once. Even though this trend has been going around for a while, it’s still in style and indeed pretty. Although this trend takes a little more time than the others, it’s certainly worth it

palm tree nail art

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Confetti Nails


Nothing quite says ‘party’ like some confetti nail art. Colorful, stylish, fun; this look has summer written all over it. Whether you head to a nail salon and request to have this manicure design done professionally or attempt to do it yourself, this artistic nail trend will astonish people and have you smiling all day long.

confetti nails

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Half Moon Nails


You’ve probably seen these before and, if so, I’m sure you’ve liked them. They have a fresh, fun yet still elegant look. The half-moon look can include just about any color styled halfway down the nail to leave some of it exposed. Focusing on only the tip of the nail allows not only more attention for the nail but also decreases the chances of them getting ruined.

half moon nails

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Using any of the five nail art trends listed above, you’ll be walking around in summer style. All of the trends above are currently what everyone’s raving about and, trust me; you’ll have compliments left and right when you leave the house with your nails painted with any one of those styles. Whether you decide to have a nail salon do it or decide to tackle it from home, you’ll be sure to have summer nail art that still speaks summer vibe loud and clear.


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