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How to Order Take Out From Restaurants @ The Village

We are so fortunate to be a part of the Bethany community. Over the years, you’ve welcomed us into your lives, your homes, and your hearts. Thank you. 

Small Local Business Has Never Needed You More.

Bethany Village Centre’s small local shops and restaurants may not be able to welcome you into their storefronts, but many are open for business and set up to deliver their delicious food on take-out and delivery apps. We’ve compiled a list of our small local restaurants that are open and ready to serve your family while we’re all practicing safe social distancing techniques during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’d like to take a break and get some take out, take a look at your own backyard:

Bethany Public House

(971) 371-2954

Visit their website!

Order from DoorDash

Or even GrubHub

Bethany Sushi

(503) 466-2089

Order from GrubHub

Or even Seamless

Or Postmates

Bethany’s Table

(503) 614-0267

Visit their website!

Order from GrubHub

Biscuits Café

(503) 372-5579

Visit their website!

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Or even PostMates

Or from GrubHub

Brother’s Wings & Bings

(971) 245-5181

Visit their website!

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Or Uber Eats

Dabba Indian Kitchen

(971) 757-5625

Visit their Website!

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Or Seamless

El Sazon Mexicano

(503) 430-0424

Order from DoorDash

Or even from Postmates

Or Seamless

Or GrubHub

Khao San Bethany

(503) 352-5181

Visit their website!

Order from Grubhub

Or even from Seamless

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Or Uber Eats

Koi Fusion

(503) 430-8240

Visit their website!

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Or Grubhub

Levant Mediterranean Grill

(503) 547-7122

Visit their website!

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Smokn Grill

(503) 645-4515

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(503) 466-9340

Visit their website!

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Or DoorDash

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Taco Bell

Visit their website!

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Or Seamless

The Summer Time Nail Art Trends You Can’t Miss

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the summer nail art trends have to end. This summer has shown us some fantastic nail art, and the fun doesn’t have to stop now. We can still keep the summer vibe alive with fun, vibrant colors, and cool nail art. In this blog post, we’ll talk about all the awesome summertime nail art trends that you don’t want to miss.

Multicolored Nails

Multicolored nails have seemed to be all the rage this summer. The best thing about the multicolored nails is that they are, probably out of all the nail art trends we’ll share in this blog post, the easiest to accomplish. You don’t have to head to a nail salon and spend hard-earned money on getting a fancy nail art design; you can head to your local dollar store and grab a few different nail polish colors, paint each nail a different color and then ta-da! You have some pretty awesome nail art on your fingers!

multicolor nails

credit to

Classy White

I know it may seem a little boring, but I promise you’ll be able to rock this stylish and classy look. White nails are not only chic but they’re also clean and sophisticated. They aren’t messy and don’t have all the hassle with trying to figure out designs. It’s simple, elegant, and classic. Trust me when I say that, styling beautiful white nails, you’ll have people asking how you got that fantastic look.

white nails

credit to

Palm Tree

I bet you already know what I’m talking about when I say the palm tree nail art. After all, this trend has been going strong for a while now, and just about everyone has seen it at least once. Even though this trend has been going around for a while, it’s still in style and indeed pretty. Although this trend takes a little more time than the others, it’s certainly worth it

palm tree nail art

credit to:


Confetti Nails


Nothing quite says ‘party’ like some confetti nail art. Colorful, stylish, fun; this look has summer written all over it. Whether you head to a nail salon and request to have this manicure design done professionally or attempt to do it yourself, this artistic nail trend will astonish people and have you smiling all day long.

confetti nails

credit to:

Half Moon Nails


You’ve probably seen these before and, if so, I’m sure you’ve liked them. They have a fresh, fun yet still elegant look. The half-moon look can include just about any color styled halfway down the nail to leave some of it exposed. Focusing on only the tip of the nail allows not only more attention for the nail but also decreases the chances of them getting ruined.

half moon nails

credit to:


Using any of the five nail art trends listed above, you’ll be walking around in summer style. All of the trends above are currently what everyone’s raving about and, trust me; you’ll have compliments left and right when you leave the house with your nails painted with any one of those styles. Whether you decide to have a nail salon do it or decide to tackle it from home, you’ll be sure to have summer nail art that still speaks summer vibe loud and clear.


Around The World Summer Concert at Bethany Village

bethany village summer concert


The 2019 Bethany Village Summer Concert Series continues with our second event: Around the World!

Come enjoy a diverse mix of product and service vendors representing countries and cultures from all over the world! Featuring live music from Sounds Like Chicken, performances from Kalabharathi School of Dance and Intellicircle, a Bounce House from Bethany Athletic Club, carnival rides, face painting, arts & crafts and more!


The 5 Ways to Find Your Summer Time Zen In Bethany Village

summer time zenIt’s Summer time! The kids are out of school, vacations are less relaxing and more stressful, and you have even less time to yourself than you did back in May. Time to get on the treat yo’ self train and get some serious self care and Bethany Village is here to help you get your Summer Time Zen on.


Zen and finding it means simply slowing down and mindfully interacting with your environment. We’re confident that your visit to Bethany Village will leave the rush and activity behind and give you a moment to slow down the frame and take everything in. Often, we define peace by the complete absence of stress- something that serves as a neutral, inactive state. But is having a sense of peacefulness really just a passive state of mind? Actively practicing peace means that you have an increased sense of inner clarity, a feeling of calm about you, and a solid, deeply rooted feeling of inner balance. 


Here’s the 5 ways that the businesses in Bethany Village can help you relax and recover:


Nailz Bizzare


Nailz Bizzare is a full service nail salon that offers a personalized experience with custom nail artistry. They’ve expanded their service menu and you can now destress with a variety of beautifying facials, waxing, and other specialized skin care treatments to help you live your best life. 


Massage and Spa At Bethany


Massage and Spa Bethany will help you chill out during the hottest times of the year. They offer a variety of luxurious soothing, and relaxing services that encourage the body to be at its best.


Having time to practice self-care is a core value at Massage and Spa Bethany, so they’re open seven days a week. Their massage therapists and estheticians work hard to personalize your visit to individual needs.


The Lash Lounge


The Lash Lounge at Bethany Village touts itself as ‘not your average lash studio.’ Focusing on the ultimate customer experience- from the moment you walk in you’ll be treated to an amazing experience. 


You’ll get an expert consultation with one of their expert lash artists where you craft a personalized look with their help. 


Santosha Yoga


Santosha Yoga believes that yoga has the power to transform people’s lives. ‘Santosha’ is Sanskrit for contentment and we’re sure that you’ll find contentment here. Santosha Yoga is an ancient scientific system that’s designed to empower health, happiness, and a sense of self. 


B Salon & Spa


B Salon & Spa is located in the Bethany Athletic Club and is ready to make you beautiful, radiant, and relaxed! You can get facials, massages, hair and nails done- treat yourself to a full spa day and go on to conquer your life feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


No matter how you decide to spend your time in Bethany Village this Summer, we’re sure that you will leave feeling relaxed and de-stressed. Mindfully choosing to love yourself through self-care is a radical way of celebrating this crazy thing we call life. Get on that good vibration and avoid the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Bethany Village helps you find your Zen any time of year!

How to Hydrate Your Skin & Beat The Hot, Dry Summer

keep skin hydrated

Everyone envisions summer skin that’s smooth, firm, and glowing with a hint of tan for that perfect sun-kissed look. However, it can be really difficult to get well-hydrated glowing skin in the summer. Summer weather is really hard on skin! 

Soaring temperatures combined with humidity can make active oil glands go into hyperdrive. With enough time spent in the hot, summer rays, you can eventually end up with excessive sebum around the t-zone, itchy rashes, sunburn, and even premature signs of aging. This makes a proper skin care routine incredibly important as it’s your first line of defense. 

Here’s how to hydrate your skin and get glowing during the summer:

  • Consider Changing Your Face WashWashing your face is possibly the most basic (and probably the most important) skin care routine that you need to consistently follow year-round to hydrate your skin. During the summer, the climate is hot and humid, causing your face to produce more oil, so you should change your cleanser care

    Oily skin is the most at risk- your pores can easily get caused, leading to breakouts. Other articles recommend a foaming cleanser with salicylic acid for summer, but we advise against that. We are conditioned to think that foaming cleansers equal clean, but this is leading us awry. Sulfates are foaming agents and are enormously drying to our skin- as harsh detergents, they are enormously damaging to the moisture barrier of our skin and can dry us out, so we cannot recommend them.

    As such, we also cannot recommend salicylic acid in this case either. This acid is harsh on the skin-moisture barrier and can actually cause skin to produce more oil as it dries it out.

    Instead, we highly suggest a double cleansing method. This is the only way to ensure you wash off your SPF and makeup all the way without harming your moisture barrier. For beginners, you can get a budget-friendly set for under $30. We highly recommend beginners to start with the ELF gel melt first cleanse followed by the La Roche Posay Toleriane Milk Cleanser or the Pixi Double Cleanse from Caroline Hirons.

    With these products, it’s safe to wash your face twice a day-leaving you refreshed and allowing you to hydrate your skin without drying you out
  • Do Not Skimp on SunscreenWe often fixate on using SPF on our body during the summer, but we forget that our face needs daily protection too. Using a moisturizer, bronzer, or makeup product that has SPF in it is not enough to provide protection. These products make it impossible to get the amount of coverage you need to get proper protection. Excessive UV exposure can permanently damage your skin, causing sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and premature aging. We highly suggest that you invest in a sunscreen that has a broad UV spectrum of SPF 50. Apply it every two hours (if possible) on your face, neck, and décolletage. We suggest you check out Missha’s Sun Milk– it’s a favorite around here and doesn’t pill when used with makeup or a moisturizer.
  • Invest In Your Faceskin care summerCheck into serums and oils that add the additional benefits of antioxidants. For example, vitaminC protects skin from environmental damage, boosts collagen development, and can help aid the fight against existing sun spots and damage. There are great serums that can reduce inflammation and repair your skin from the harsh summer weather.

    For vitamin C, we like Ole Henrikson’s Truth Serum (not all vitamin C is created equally and we can stand behind this product). To help with inflammation, hydration, and redness, we like Herbivore’s Lapis Facial Oil. To combat dark spots, Caudalie makes a fantastic serum. And for a miracle potion workhorse that does wonders to existing sun damage, we love Alpha H’s Liquid Gold.
  • Drink All The Water!Drinking lots of water is incredibly important during the hot summer months. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and keep sipping as you go through your day. This is absolutely crucial for skin health- you wear your hydration on your face. It also flushes out toxins from your body and helps keep you refreshed under the sun’s hot rays. Hydrate your skin and drink more water!

    We’re a little partial to Hydroflask as it’s a local Oregon company out of Bend. Might we suggest one of their 32oz Wide Mouth Bottles?
  • Don’t Forget To Exfoliate!During the hot summer months, your skin pulls double duty keeping itself healthy and healing any irritation or sun damage. You can assist your skin with this process with gentle exfoliation. Exfoliation helps slough away dead skin cells, helping you look more youthful and radiant.

    Do not, however, use sugar scrubs or that terrible apricot scrub everyone seems to love. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice as these are made of particles with jagged edges and can cause micro tears in your skin.

    Since we don’t really like most physical exfoliation items, we suggest chemical exfoliation products. Two favorites are Pixi’s Glow Tonic (which has glycolic acid in it at a 5% solution) or Biologique Recherche’s P50 1970. If you need some more immediate care, might we suggest you check out B Salon & Spa for a pore cleansing facial!

Sultry summer days are numbered, but the damage that can pop up from the sun’s rays on your skin will hang out for a while unless you care for your skin. Following these tips during summer will help you maintain your skin’s natural balance while keeping it protected in the heat. 

The Best Summer Date Night Ideas In The Village

date night ideas


Summer is upon The Village! Tis the season for more daylight, warmer weather, our summer concert series– all good news if you’re looking for summer date night ideas. No doubt that picnics are the good ol’ mainstay for summertime date night fun, but if you’re looking for something new and different, we’ve rounded up some additional ideas right here in Bethany Village to inspire you. It doesn’t matter if you need first date ideas or are spicing up your current relationship, these summer date ideas at Bethany Village are hot for a rendezvous al fresco.



  • Dinner At Brooklyn Trattoria
    Brooklyn Trattoria describes itself as an “upscale, comfortable neighborhood restaurant” that’s located in the heart of Bethany Village. They are passionate about the food they serve and the ambience is perfect for you to get passionate about your sweetie. 😉 Share a tiramisu for two in an incredible space.
  • Cup And Cone Bubble Tea
    Cup and Cone’s motto is: “Inspired globally, served locally. They aim to serve goodness and spread kindness. This is a fantastic space to grab some fresh boba tea and roam around The Village! Their ice cream and boba tea are both handcrafted with all natural ingredients.
  • Frappuccinos At The Fountain
    Grab your favorite drink at Starbucks and walk right over to the fountain and enjoy the view! The Village’s fountain is up and running with ample seating for grabbing some sun and drinking some cold brew! Grab your sweetie, get some coffee and spend some time enjoying the scenery of Bethany Village.
  • Get A Couple’s Massage At Massage & Spa Bethany
    Escape the hustle that is your everyday life and walk into Bethany Village. After you stroll through the water fountain (drinking your coffee) find Massage & Spa At Bethany for some relaxation. As you walk through the doors, their diffused essential oils will immediately put your mind at ease the moment you step in. Massage & Spa at Bethany has years of experience in the art of you- it’s a great way to bond with Bae as you are exploring The Village.
  • Wine And A Stroll At Bethany’s Table
    Bethany’s Table is a neighborhood bistro inside of Bethany Village that’s a great place to grab a bite to eat if you’re hungry…but their wine list is the star of the show. The Table features an extensive wine list with a wide variety of wines at all price points and for every palate. Take the time to enjoy the evening with your other half and sip on a glass (or two…) of wine and then take a stroll around Bethany Village! 



No matter what you choose to do for your Summer date night or how you spend your time, the important thing is to enjoy your day with the one you love (or are interested in). Bethany Village is home to a million different ways to spend time with a date- no matter if you’re in a relationship or just starting one! Come visit us for a low-key fun night with the person who catches your eye.