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Central Bethany Development (CBD) is a multi-faceted real estate development and property management company committed to providing the best service, product and environment to its members, residents, tenants and customers across a myriad of industries and specialties in the Portland Metropolitan area, the heart of which is Bethany Village, our master-planned mixed-use community located in Northwest Portland. Our portfolio – all of which we have developed ourselves – encompasses a wide variety of business types and property uses that allows our employees to explore many different career paths, providing a vast array of growth and skill development opportunities.

The CBD portfolio includes several upscale properties in the industries of senior living, health and fitness, retail, office/professional, education, industrial, restaurant, microretail, and more. CBD employees are intricately involved in every facet of the property and its operations, including conception and masterplanned development (as applicable), general contracting, tenant improvement construction, leasing, accounting, community management, tenant management, resident management, and more. The variety of properties and skills needed allows us to hire incredibly diverse individuals with a range of talents that can be transferred to different teams depending on interest and need.

Our goal is to continually challenge ourselves to improve as a company in both the offerings we provide and in how we engage with and retain our employees. We strive to maintain a reputation of excellence, providing an exciting, enjoyable and engaging workplace. It is very important to us that we feel strongly connected to our employees, and we firmly believe that – given the nature of our business – each individual contribution is felt by many.

As a result of our varied portfolio, we have a number of businesses for which we are always on the search for the best people to support our mission. Please make sure you know what business you are applying for when clicking on the link below to view the available positions.