Bethany Village Spring Market

Thursday, May 16th, 2024 | 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Join Us for our Annual Bethany Village Spring Market

Visit Bethany Village for our annual Spring Market in the plaza! This event is held each May in the Bethany neighborhood located near downtown Portland and Beaverton, Oregon.

The Bethany Village Spring Market offers the opportunity to participate in special events and shop from a variety of small local businesses who offer everything from plants to fresh produce to handmade goods and much more! Plus, don’t miss out on a great live performance by Shaymus Hanlin, a talented local musician.

We are currently seeking vendors who sell fresh seasonal produce to participate in this year’s Spring Market! If you or someone you know has a produce business and would like to participate, visit our vendor page to learn more.

When is the Spring Market?

This year’s Spring Market will be on Thursday, May 16th from 3:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. Join us to shop a variety of local businesses and save the event on Facebook to get reminders and stay up-to-date with the latest announcements!

Where is the Spring Market?

The annual Bethany Village Spring Market is located in the Bethany Village Plaza next to the amphitheater fountain at:

4720 NW Bethany Boulevard Portland, OR 97229

Spring Market Entertainment

Live Music from Shaymus Hanlin

Enjoy live music from Shaymus Hanlin while shopping vendors at the Spring Market as well as other merchants located in the Bethany Village shopping center.

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Spring Market Houseplant Swap by Cornell Farms

Spring has sprung and the Village is buzzing with excitement! Join us for our annual Spring Market and shake off the winter blues with a fun-filled day of shopping, swapping, and mingling with the community. This year we are adding a fun twist to our fantastic lineup with a Houseplant Swap hosted by Cornell Farms!

Learn More About The Houseplant Swap

For more information, check out their Facebook event for the houseplant swap and the information in the dropdown box below. If you plan to join them, feel free to leave a comment in the Discussion tab of the Facebook event with the plants you plan to bring, and the types of plants you might be searching for. That will help to make the event a success for everyone that stops by!

The principle is simple: Bring a plant, take a plant. Perhaps you’re looking to rehome a plant that isn’t bringing you joy, that doesn’t enjoy the conditions you can provide, or that has simply grown too large for your space? Bring it by a Houseplant Swap to give it away or trade it for something that works better for you! Or maybe you have a plant that could stand to be divided or given a “hair cut.” These divisions and cuttings are perfect for swapping — especially if you’ve caught the collector bug and want an easy way to expand your collection.

Any and all indoor plants are welcome, from common finds to coveted collector varieties, as long as they are pest-free. (That’s not the kind of sharing we want to encourage!) Please label your plants to the best of your knowledge, and be sure to bring any cuttings — ideally, rooted ones — in containers that you don’t care to get back. (Recycled mason jars, plastic cups, and baggies work great.)

If you want to give away plants or cuttings and don’t care to receive a particular plant in return, you can simply put them on a free table for anyone to pick up. This is a great option if you are trying to downsize your collection or have cuttings of common plants to share. If you’re looking to make specific, mutually-beneficial trades, you’ll want to set up a station at one of our negotiation tables where you can work out swaps with other parties and make sure everyone goes home happy. This is great option if you have specific, less common plants to trade and are looking for something in particular. 

In the spirit of community and sharing, we ask that this event be kept to trades and gifts only and that cash not exchange hands — in other words, no sales, please.

If you don’t have anything to contribute, that’s okay, too. We all start somewhere! We just ask that you please be courteous when picking up plants from the free tables so that you’re sure to leave some for others.

Houseplant Swap by Cornell Farms at Bethany Village Spring Market

Spring Market Vendors

Come visit all the great vendors offering a range of goods from juicy produce, handmade crafts, and much more here at the Bethany Village Spring Market.

Altitude Beverages | Azucar | Cedar Mill Community Library | Chimichurri Nosh | Cottage Hill Dairy | Dry By Freeze | Ease Candle Company | Foglia Pasta | Henna by Rashmi | Himalayan Dumplings by Kyikyi | Humble Pie Baking Company | HYCH | C+ J PERMANENT JEWELRY | Mckayla + Maison | Pablo Munoz Farms | Preety Pua Florals | Roasted By Mom Coffee | Rosas Churros | Sing Crystal | Six Stix Gourmet Pretzel | T Bee S Honey | The Branded Brim | Vernoa Designs

Interested in being a vendor? Visit our vendor page for FAQs and to apply for a booth.

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